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Settin’ the bindlestick down for a-whiles.

16 Mar 2009 (Mon)

Well, we made it.

After several weeks of wavering, approximately thirty-two thousand blog themes, and yet another failed foray into the jungle that is CSS (which I swear to God is changing just to screw with me), we set our crap down here at WordPress and will probably park it awhile.

Look, we even built a fire in that there oildrum. Here, have some beans. Yes, they’re vegetarian, but you’re going to eat them anyway because beggars can’t be whiny, whiny arseholes who want some kind of critter stock in their beans even though perfectly good beans can be made sans pig juice. Not that I’m against the pig juice in general. I just don’t think that when someone offers you free beans, you should be getting uppity about whether or not there is pig juice in them.

Please don’t give any to the dog. He’ll just chew at them and then spit ’em out, because he doesn’t like the ones without the pig juice. Yes, I appreciate the irony. But he’s a dog, so he gets away with a lot more than you do. Now shut up and eat your vegetarian hobo beans.

… So… we’re pretty tired, and we think this is sufficient for the first post. If you want, you can read through the other pages and whatnot. Background info, what-have-you… Stuff you probably already know, because if you found this site at all, you’ve probably known me personally since the Great Doocecapades of Aught-Five, at the very least. Still, skim it if you want. I’ll be attempting to come up with some content that doesn’t wholly suck in the meantime. And also adding links to stuff, changing the header graphic, you know, the usual sprucing up of the hobo-naculum. If you get bored, check out the links to the right. Or don’t. Whatever.

~ r.

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