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Hey, 2010! You look suspiciously like 2009…

3 Jan 2010 (Sun)

Other people have New Year’s Resolutions. I have things I want to do but probably won’t. There’s no point in calling them “resolutions” because I don’t stick to those any better just because I’ve given them a more determined name. That being said, I’ve decided I really need to write more in the Aught Ten. And while ideally this would cover writing more portfolio-worthy pieces, I’m aiming a bit lower, per usual, and just looking to get words out more often. And not in ranty text messages to my friends because they’re too nice to say so, but I’m fairly certain they’re sick of my bullshit.

This all boils down to my hopefully depositing said bullshit on the Internets more often in the coming year. And since the Internets is where most people deposit their bullshit, I won’t (or rather shouldn’t) feel bad that I’ll have to write despite not yet conquering the main obstacle to my writing before: Ye Olde Feelinge that I have jack shit to say of any importance whatsoever. That’s still very likely the case, but it’s time to just ramble, if only for the sake of getting back into the habit of writing, so that if I ever do come up with something useful to say, it won’t feel like such a chore to actually say it.

What does this mean for you, dear reader? At best, you’ll get to read a little bit more about this circus of absurdity I call my life, and it will serve as a horrible warning to stay in school/put down the bottle/don’t quit your job just because your supervisor is a raging bitch and is afraid you’re after her job. Though I maintain she was a Pinnacle of Bitchery and two more weeks there would’ve resulted in a murder, suicide, or both.

At worst, it means I’ll just be adding to the Internet cache of useless analyses of Law & Order: SVU cases; verbal hissyfits about what it means to not have health insurance; probably bitching about whatever I think the new DC United head coach is doing wrong; and reiterating just how useless a B.A. in English really is. Oh, and maybe posting DC-area show calendars for those of you with disposable income for things like shows. P.S. I need a new Ted Leo tee, if anyone cares…

‘Til next time, faithful readership of one (three on a good day),
~ r.

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  1. Natalie permalink
    3 Jan 2010 (Sun) 2:00 pm

    I’ll happily read your bullshite – keep it coming!

  2. mighty permalink
    6 Jan 2010 (Wed) 11:59 am

    Weeeeeeee, a new blog to follow.

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