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100,000 fireflies

24 Jan 2010 (Sun)

In light of my complete inability to write lately, and also because I inherited a Nikon D70 at Christmas, I’m considering getting back into photography. From what I remember, I wasn’t terrible at it. And maybe if I bother to learn how to use this camera properly, I still won’t be terrible at it. That would be a nice change of pace.

In the meantime, here are some photos that have caught my eye while browsing Flickr. None of them are mine, because I don’t know how to use a good camera properly (yet).

COPYRIGHTS (left to right): Fetchy; Kodachromosome64 / John; TooMuchFire / Corey Miller; Planet Janet 111; Roadsidepictures; find a city to live in / Curtis Locke; Alan C of Marion, IN; Gyula Kiss; timlewisnm
All photos courtesy of Flickr. Click on the photo to see more from these photographers.

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