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Oh, good. Time Magazine organized my hatred for me.

22 Feb 2010 (Mon)

According to Time magazine, here is a list of the folks I will see in Hell.

  1. Angelo Mozilo
  2. Phil Gramm
  3. Alan Greenspan
  4. Chris Cox
  5. American Consumers

  6. Hank Paulson
  7. Joe Cassano
  8. Ian McCarthy
  9. Frank Raines
  10. Kathleen Corbet
  11. Dick Fuld
  12. Marion and Herb Sandler
  13. Bill Clinton
  14. George W. Bush
  15. Stan O’Neal
  16. Wen Jiabao
  17. David Lereah
  18. John Devaney
  19. Bernie Madoff
  20. Lew Ranieri
  21. Burton Jablin
  22. Fred Goodwin
  23. Sandy Weill
  24. David Oddsson
  25. Jimmy Cayne

Rest assured I will greet them with a Hell-fiery punch in the face.
True story.

~ r.

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