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The Password Is: R-E-D-I-R-E-C-T-I-O-N.

22 Apr 2010 (Thu)

Normally, when I find something awesome on the webernets, I just add a link to the menu (on the right… scroll… down…. there it is!) and go about the rest of my day… Which usually involves napping, snacking, wanting to nap and/or snack, getting cranky about not napping and/or snacking, or feeling guilty about napping and/or snacking when I shouldn’t have.

…And now we all know why the semi-regular blog updates stopped.

But sometimes, something so painfully awesome comes along that I am not content merely adding it to the Links List. Instead, I feel compelled to tell you exactly how awesome I think it is, as if you care. And that is what has happened in the case of Hyperbole and a Half. I can’t even really describe it, because I’m too busy obsessively clicking on the Better Pain Rating Scale and laughing through my tears.

(Ed. Note: If you’re wondering why I’m wasting time posting about other people’s blogs instead of getting a goddamn job, it’s because “SHOWDOWN: Jackhammer vs. Concrete” is currently taking place on the sidewalk in front of my building, a mere fifteen yards outside my window. If I attempted to write a cover letter right now, it would most assuredly end up containing half a dozen expletives and one only partially coherent half-paragraph about the fuckers who own my apartment building and all the manners in which I dream about them meeting an untimely end.)

~ r.

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