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Is it November yet?

10 Jun 2012 (Sun)

…I only ask because I actually want to participate in this year’s Nanowrimo.

Of course, I say that every year. And if I honestly thought I could write a novel, I’d probably have started it already.

Still, it’s nice to have something to shoot for. As opposed to “shoot at.” I am not even remotely at a loss for things to shoot at, if by “things” you mean “people” and by “people” you mean “certain coworkers.”

(I’m still not sure how I landed in this weekday-hating cliché of a life. It is not even remotely what I was shooting for in my so-called formative years. Which is not to say that I think anyone actually aims to grow up into a cynical, job-hating drone… That being said, the number of people who do land in this netherworld of disappointment is staggering.)

Ah. Well. What I actually meant to post was this:


You know how Google compiles terrible ads in the margins of your search windows and whatnot? And many of those ads are just a random image paired with an equally random tagline, which I suppose indicates that Google assumes you’ll find either one or both of these items interesting enough to click on, logical juxtaposition be damned? This erroneous assumption occasionally has delightful results. Here, we see how it’s offered us photographic proof that, according to the Internets, one of five everyday secrets to success is simply to stay in bed.

Which, frankly, is something I’ve suspected for quite some time now.

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