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what this is

Three decades of questionable choices makes for pretty good stories.

When I’m not unintentionally teaching by way of doing-everything-you-shouldn’t-do, I’m learning the hard way all the other things I haven’t yet learned I shouldn’t do. This is where I will tell stories about the mishaps and the carnage, partly because maybe it’s entertaining, partly because it really should be documented somewhere that yes, these things really happen, usually to me.

The title of this site was inspired by a former coworker who once admitted, “I’m well known for my unpopular suggestions.” Such a statement is so applicable to my own life that I should probably have it engraved on my tombstone.

This site was created primarily for ranting, but may also feature the less frequent rave. This Little Light of Mine happens to run primarily on mockery and snarking, but damn it if I’m not gonna let it shine anyway. Please feel free to join me for as long as you can stand it.

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