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who i am

…Stuff About Me, In No Particular Order

  • I live on the east coast, just outside a major city that gets a lot of press and almost as many tourists. (And I’d just like to remind all of those tourists that it’s “Stand to the right, walk on the left.” …No, stand on the right… What, seriously? …Your other goddamn right. …See, this is why we hate you.)
  • Blogging is the extent to which my B.A. in English has been useful. Unless you count correcting restaurant menus in my head.
  • Yes. I have indeed been fired for my blog (not this one. The first one, circa 2005). And while I remain unashamed to be a part of socio-technological history alongside writers like Heather (Dooce) Armstrong, it still wasn’t exactly the smartest thing I could’ve done. On the other hand, you’d be surprised what you can learn about yourself just by getting your ass fired. I kind of recommend everyone try it at least once.
  • The “Do Not Get Me Started” Topics are as follows: 1) Soccer. 2) Music. 3) Bizarre animals. 4) Idiots. Consider yourselves warned.
  • As a child, my career aspirations included a jockey, a fighter pilot, a greeting-card artist, and Mary Lou Retton. My current career goals are no less ridiculous.
  • Because everyone asks: “Ryeginald” is what happens to the nickname “Ritchie” (by way of Ritchie Valens) over nearly 20 years of nickname shenanigans and butchery. That’s all there is to the story. And yes, that story is a lot less interesting than you’d hoped.

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